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Our Story

Just like all new parents, we’ve experienced the wild pursuit of trying to get a good night’s sleep for our little one, and ourselves. From bedtime acrobatics to lullaby marathons, we’ve tried it all! That’s why Knoppa Baby was born - to make the sleep journey a little smoother for you and your little ones. 


After numerous trials with various sleepwear options, we stumbled upon the incredible secret of bamboo! Not only is it incredibly soft and cozy, but it also boasts temperature-regulating properties and is a sustainable material choice. Parenthood has enlightened us about the significance of preserving our planet for the sake of our little ones. That's why, in every step of our journey, we make conscious eco-friendly choices, believing that even the smallest decisions can make a difference.


Join us on this sleep revolution where we take the stress out of sleep and turn bedtime into a magical experience.

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